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USA Tree Experts provide comprehensive tree removal services to ensure your property always looks its best. Our skilled team is equipped to handle all your landscaping needs. Count on us for professional and reliable service every time.


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removed tree trunk by crane in residential area

Tree Removal

No tree is too big or unreachable for USA Tree Experts. We specialize in hard-to-reach areas using our 100-foot backyard lift, experienced climbers, and crane services. We take down any tree safely and efficiently.

A stump is shredded with removal, grinding the stumps and roots into small chips

Stump Grinding

After removing your tree, we continue to provide service with stump grinding. Our powerful grinders turn any stump into dust and fit through a 36-inch gate. We also remove chips and install dirt if needed.
CROW WING CO, MN - 6 JUN 2021: A Bobcat mini excavator and front loader, with skid steer tracks, sits on dirt at a tree lined empty building lot, in preparation for new home construction.

Small Excavation

USA Tree Experts offers small excavation services for your landscaping needs. Whether you need to dig a trench, level a slope, or remove a stump, we have the equipment and the expertise to do it for you. We handle any small excavation project with precision and care, ensuring your property is in good condition.

We are also available 24/7 to provide emergency tree services during a storm or other natural disaster.

Making of natural green lawn in garden with rolls of green grass, garden renovation works in spring

Dirt/Lawn Installation

We plant any shrub from 2 to 10 feet high directly in the soil or on a raised mound with dirt and mulch. We have a variety of shrubs to choose from, including some that deter deer.
Garden irrigation - working sprinkler


Hydroseeding is a process that sprays a mixture of water, seeds, fertilizer, and mulch on your soil. It has many benefits, such as:

  • Faster Germination: Your seeds will sprout in a week or less.
  • Better Moisture Retention: Your lawn will stay hydrated and healthy.
  • No Weeds: Your property will be free of unwanted plants.
  • No Erosion: Your yard will have a coagulant that keeps the soil in place.

We guarantee you will love your new lawn.

Service worker pruning tree branches on a platform of a crane truck

Crane Services

USA Tree Experts also offers crane services for your tree removal needs. Sometimes, a tree is too large, heavy, or close to a building or power line to be removed safely by other methods. That’s when you need a crane to lift the tree and place it in a safe location. Our crane operators are trained and experienced in handling any tree removal project with precision and care. We have the equipment and the expertise to remove any tree safely and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about our crane services and how we help you with your tree removal needs.

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